Puttur shopkeepers barred from placing empty soft drink bottles outside

Posted on Jul 2nd, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

Puttur: Shopkeepers of Puttur, henceforth cannot keep empty soda or soft drink bottles outside their shops. If they do so, then they are liable to pay penalty.

The police here are planning to enforce a new rule refraining shopkeepers from keeping empty soft drink bottles outside the shops as these bottles give an easy weapon to miscreants at times of some clash.

Here it is worth mentioning that empty soft drink bottles were used by miscreants during the communal violence at Kalladka on Saturday. Therefore, police in Puttur have decided to put a brake to this sort of acts by preventing shopkeepers from keeping the soft drink bottles in the open.

Years ago when Puttur witnessed violence in the aftermath of the Sowmya Bhat murder case, soft drink bottles were used during most of the stabbing and untoward incidents. The broken bottles had even been hurled at shops. The same thing repeated on several other occasions too.

It has become a habit for shopkeepers to place the empty bottles outside for months together until the distributors collect the same for refilling. It is learnt, already notices have been served to the shopkeepers by the police department. The police personnel have warned that those violating the rules would be penalized. It is now left to be seen how effectively this rule would be implemented.

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