They repaired road without waiting for govt grants

Posted on Jun 28th, 2012 and filed under General.

BELTHANGADY : A road development work in a village in Belthangady which remained suspended half way through for want of funds, was completed thanks to the initiative taken by the villagers themselves.

A sum of Rs 5 lakh had been sanctioned from the ZP grants for the widening and development of the Peranamajalu- Atlaje road in Padangady Gram Panchayat considering the pathetic state of the road which was unfit for use during monsoons. Every monsoon, traffic on this road came to an abrupt halt as the road used to turn into a marshy field, landing the residents of the area in trouble. Though the road development work was initiated and the road widened , the sanctioned funds were far from suffice to complete the work.

Finally, the locals realizing that it was futile to wait for government grants went ahead to repair the road on their own. The local elected representatives too joined hands with the enthusiastic youth in repairing the road, thereby setting an example for many others to follow.

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