Traffic cop fleeces auto driver

Posted on Jun 16th, 2012 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : An incident in which a traffic police personnel collected a higher amount than the amount mentioned in the receipt issued to the motorist who had failed to furnish the requisite documents, has been reported from Puttur.

An autorickshaw driver from Bantwal was taking a family in an autorickshaw towards Puttur from Vittal in his auto for treatment purposes, when a traffic personnel who intercepted the auto near Puttur bye-pass demanded the documents of the vehicle.

However, when the driver explained the emergency situation, the police was in no mood to hear and asked him to proceed after paying a penalty of Rs 500. “I paid the fine as I had to go on an urgent work. But, I found that the police personnel had cheated me by issuing a receipt for just Rs 100,” the autorickchaw driver said while speaking to this correspondent.

Though the act of the traffic cop in imposing penalty on a driver who did not possess the requisite documents is justifiable, his collecting Rs 500 over and above the amount mentioned in the bill is unjustifiable.

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