SEZ pays no heed to High Court ruling

Posted on Jun 16th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

MANGALORE : The mud dumped by the SEZ authorities in the Phalguni river in violation of the CRZ rules has not yet been removed, even when the High court order on the issue clearly states that mud has been dumped in the river in violation of the rules.

The order issued by Chief Justice Vikramjit Sen of the High Court on June 4( The Canara Times has a copy of the same) has clearly stated that it was against law to going ahead with the works without suitable permission from the department concerned and also to obstruct free flow of river water.

The ruling also states that prior permission of the authorities concerned ( Environment and Forest Ministry) has to be secured before going ahead and that the authorities concerned should ensure that no works are underway in the area.

It has been over two weeks since the High Court has given its ruling but so far no step has been taken to remove the mud which was obstructing free flow of the river.

Already, the Canara Times and Karavali Ale had reported that much of the dumped mud was joining the river during the rains. Residents of Atrebailu and Melkoppala also have the fear that they would land in hardship when it begins to rain continuously.

When Mahesh Kumar, Regional Director (Environment) of Coastal Regulation Zone Authority was contacted, he said’ The High Court order has only mentioned to ensure that the works undertaken by violating the blue print have been suspended and that the SEZ can go ahead with the works after seeking fresh approval, as per the approved blue print.” The officer also surprisingly said that “ The ruling has nowhere said that the SEZ has to remove the mud already dumped.”

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