“Parisara Premi” invites ire through his pro-UPCL speech

Posted on Jun 15th, 2012 and filed under General.

PADUBIDRI : Jayakrishna Shetty, the president of a so called environment lovers committee had to quickly change topic when he who began to speak in favour of UPCL sensed a wave of resentment among the audience, at a function held at the Mahalingeshwara Temple at Hejamady Shivanagar on June 14, Thursday.

It has to be mentioned here that several programme organizers on previous occasions have landed in embarrassment through his pro-UPCL speeches. The same repeated even on Thursday. As told by Shetty himself, he was attending the function owing to coercion by three of his close acquaintances.

Shetty who was asked to preside over the function in the absence of the local legislator began his presidential address on a religious note and then all of a sudden switched topic and began his pro-UPCL speech, probably making sure that the gathering was quite small.

“The commencement of Nagarjuna (UPCL) has solved the unemployment problem of the local educated youth( it should have been youth of other states) who are leading a good life. If any industry comes to our district, we too progress along with the district.” As Shetty uttered these words, the resentment among the audience was visible and Shetty who got a hint of the same, suddenly switched to some other topic and somehow managed the show .

It is learnt, several villagers have taken the programme organizers to task for inviting this man to the function.

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