CT impact : ‘Death trap’ on Vittal main road closed

Posted on Jun 13th, 2012 and filed under General.

VITTAL : A report in The Canara Times entitled ‘A death trap on Vittal main road,” seems to have alerted the authorities as steps have been immediately taken to close the trap.

The report had mentioned how the stone slab of the side drain on the main road of the town was missing and the how trap laid wide open waiting for some prey since some days.

The Vittal Gram Panchayat which immediately rose to the occasion, closed the depth trap by covering it with a stone slab. There is a complaint that some lorries which park right on this stone slab, were damaging them. Such a problem had arisen a couple of occasions earlier too forcing the panchayat to ensure remedial measures.

Gram Panchayat President Ramanath Vittal said there is a need for the public to be cautious and see that public property is not destroyed through their carelessness.

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