MLC polls : Catholic Sabha sore over missing applications for registration of voters

Posted on Jun 13th, 2012 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : Reports of late indicate that there is severe resentment in the Catholic Sabha over the issue of the missing applications of some graduate voters from the Christian community who had applied for registration of their names as voters for the MLC elections.

Deepak D’Souza Attavar had taken up the responsibility of registering the names of Christian graduates on behalf of the Congress for the elections to the South West Graduates and Teachers Constituency. Accordingly, the list of graduates and teachers on church wise basis was also kept ready. The voters had even filled their applications and handed over to Deepak. But not even a single name got registered in the list.

This has led to resentment not only in the Congress but also in the Catholic Sabha. It has now been gathered that the applicants are wanting to know as to who was behind this and were also planning an agitation in front of the residence of Deepak D’Souza who snatched their voting rights.

Moreover, on election day Deepak was seen along with Sushil Noronha of the BJP with a banner ‘Vote for Bhojegowda’ outside the booth at University College. It may be recalled here that as Bhojegowda was close to Bishop, even the latter had openly declared his support for Gowda.

An allegation is now heard that Ivan D’Souza of the Congress who was deprived of an MLC ticket, had colluded with Deepak by seeing to it that the voters’ name was not registered, to suit his own interests as he was well aware of the fact that the Christian graduates would vote for the Congress.

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