New twist to black magician attack case

Posted on Jun 13th, 2012 and filed under Crime/Mishaps.

MANGALORE : The recent attack on a black magician at Nehrunagar in Puttur has taken a new twist with latest report revealing that this was a blackmail tactic of a BJP leader of Vittal who intended to fleece the black magician.

This was what had happened in reality. A young lady from Veerkambha near Vittal was in love with Ganesh of the same village. However, when they intended to marry, the girl’s family opposed the marriage and even took her to Harish Rai, an astrologer cum black magician of Puttur and asked him to do something to separate the lovers. The black magician too did some mantra to satisfy the family. The girl had informed this to her lover who had approached a friend of his, who is a Yuva Morcha leader of Vittal. Both the young men decided to teach the black magician a lesson by assaulting him. They even informed the TV reporters that they will catch red handed a fake Godman who had attempted to molest a woman.

Accordingly, when media men arrived, the Yuva Morcha leader attacked the black magician and later took him to his room and demanded that he be paid Rs 2 lakh or else the incident will appear on TV. He, it is learnt, also mentioned the names of some scribes saying they too had to be paid.

The next day the black magician who was proceeding towards a hotel in Puttur where he was asked to pay the cash, he informed a prestigious man of Puttur about the incident. He in turn informed the BJP leaders. The black magician later called the Yuva Morcha leader and turned down his demand for cash.

It is learnt, later a few BJP men had been to the hotel to take the Yuva Morcha leader to task. However, it is a different matter that a news had immediately flashed in some TV channels regarding the attack.

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