A jugglery called Investors’ Meet

Posted on Jun 9th, 2012 and filed under Editorials.

It may not be too long to realize the extent to which Chief Minister DV Sadananda Gowda and Industries Minister Murugesh Nirani who are now beaming with pride over the ‘success’ of the Global Investors’ meet,’ have cheated the people of the state. Though the objections raised with regard to the holding of this convention have been managed by throwing enough ads to the corporate media, they cannot silence the voice of farmer leaders and discerning citizens, who have opposed the Investors Meet.

Leave apart the benefits of this meet with sole political and real estate purposes. There may arise problems if the government begins acquiring farm lands in order to set up industries as per the agreement reached upon in the meet.

This is the fourth such Global Investors Meet held in the state after the BJP government came to power. How much investment has flown into the state from such earlier meets and how many jobs have they created? The answer is a big zero.

Prior to convening the recent Global Investors Meet, the government should have introspected the benefits of the previous meets. It should have published a white paper in this regard. The people have the right to know as to how many industries have come up after the two conventions held under Yeddyurappa’s leadership and the previous convention under DV’s leadership. The government will have to stand bare if one tries to know the fact. The government which has no such courage, has organized another convention just to add to its list of achievements. The Meet has not only eroded the state treasury but an attempt has also been made to divert public attention from the government’s failures. Even the Congress has stopped questioning the government for holding such investors meet on a much grander scale than those organized during the tenure of Bangarappa, JH Patel and SM Krishna. Even if JD(S) president Kumarasamy raises any objection, it would go unheard and would be a futile exercise.

As per the reports in different media, the agreements made in earlier investors meets have resulted only in forcible acquisition of farm lands. It has also come to light that the government has acquired more land than required. The explosive information is that the respective CMs have been greatly interested in denotifying the acquired lands later on. This only means that such meets only served the real estate interests of the respective CMs.

That Murugesh Nirani who has been industries minister since few years has engulfed thousands of acres of land in the name of industry, is testimony to this. Sadananda Gowda too has proved that he was not free from taint, by organizing such investors meet to promote real estate interests. Who was the minister who revealed recently that every month a brief case of Rs 500 crore reached the CM’s residence despite him not involved in any scams ?

DV and Corporate Culture : CM Sadananda Gowda who was usually seen in white half shirt typical to that of elected representatives was shining in full suit during the Global Investors Meet. The question is why he should change his style of dressing merely to suit the tastes of investors. Why can’t he be his original self?

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