Vittal-Salettur road turns into marshy field

Posted on Jun 9th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

VITTAL :The initial showers have had their impact on expected lines on the Vittal –Salettur road. The condition of this stretch of road has turned from bad to worse. In the meantime, the villagers have accused the PWD authorities of turning a blind eye to the condition of this road.

The main reason for the present problem is the absence of side drains on either side of this stretch of road. The initial showers have seen rain water flow royally on the road turning it into a marshy field. The narrow road close by the Kadumatta primary and government high school, is posing more danger, while also inconveniencing the students.

The problem of roads in Salettur town is that at many places the side drains are at a level higher than the road resulting in slush on the road. The silence of the authorities even when a road close by the Sarvodaya School in Saletttur has turned horrible, has irked locals. Here it is worth mentioning that there have been more than five accidents involving two wheelers on the two curves on this stretch.

The villagers have made an ardent appeal to the authorities to take note of the condition of this road and ensure steps to mitigate the hardships caused to locals at the earliest.

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