Kulshekhar resident accuses corporator Mariamma Thomas of dislodging drainage pipes

Posted on Jun 9th, 2012 and filed under Crime/Mishaps.

MANGALORE : One C D’Souza a resident of Kulshekhar has lodged a complaint against Corporator Mariamma Thomas alleging that the corporator had damaged the drainage pipes of Shubham House at Kulshekhar on Shaktinagar Cross Road.

As per the complaint, the drainage pipe of the house has been linked to the MCC drainage connection ten years ago and that the pipe was reinstated when the road was recently concretized. The complaint with the Corporation, local police station and mayor said the pipes have been removed by the corporator.

However, Mariamma Thomas who refuted this allegation and said “ The house was releasing drainage water in the open. When there was objection, I had brought the same to the notice of the MCC authorities and accordingly the health officials have removed the pipes. She also argued that this had nothing to do with the case. She further said “The residence was rented out to Inchara Bar owner and there are 30 to 40 boys staying there. There had been complaint even earlier of releasing drainage water into the road.”

She also said that absence of proper drainage in Shaktinagar Cross, Kulshekhar has been creating one problem or the other and that the problem can be solved and drainage connection could be given if people let land for the road which need to be at least 20 feet wide to provide drainage facilities.

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