Mysterious chopper on Belman skies brings fear to villagers

Posted on Jun 9th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

KARKALA : A helicopter that was seen flying in close range to earth in Belman village of Karkala recently has brought untold fears in the minds of the locals. This case has however come to light quite late.

According to reports, even as people of Belman watched with amaze, a helicopter travelled from Mulkadka in Mundkur village towards Peralpade. Villagers even saw some thread like thing let out from the chopper. Pieces of this thread like thing were found on the terrace roofs and on trees much to the shock of locals who have the greatest fear that this was nothing but a survey for some industrial project.

It may be recalled here that the state government on November 7, 2009 had, without any prior notice, issued a notification to acquire 1138 acres of land in Sooda, Nandalike and several villages of Belman under the Suvarna Corridor Project. About 350 houses in Nandalike, 4698 in Sooda and 53 houses in Belman were identified for acquisition.

However, it was after prolonged protests by the locals through an Action Committee that forced the government to withdraw the notification on March 23. But, the recent mysterious helicopter has only revived the fears of locals.

It is worth mentioning here that Peralpade in Belman is just two kms away from the UPCL thermal plant and there is a doubt if the land has been given to the company.

However, Karkala Tahsildar Jagannath Rao has said that there is no information of any aerial survey and added he would look into the matter.

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