Padubidri residents up in arms against bye-pass proposal

Posted on Jun 8th, 2012 and filed under General.

PADUBIDRI : Residents of Padubidri have decided to take the path of agitation close on the heels of the Udupi Deputy Commissioner coming out with a statement that a bye-pass would be constructed at Padubidri. Shekhar Hejamady, Dalit leader has said that they would not allow a survey of the land for a bye pass at Padubidri.

He said the people were hoping for justice from the NH Authorities as well as the union government representatives at a time when the state government did injustice to the Dalits and the common man. But now, they have realized that both were two sides of the same coin having least concern for the welfare of the poor, he said and added that the Dalita Sangharsha Samithi would protest against the proposal with the co-operation of the public.

Meanwhile, Udupi JD(S)President Deviprasad Shetty has alleged that Sadananda Gowda who had opposed the bye-pass proposal while he was the MP, was now bowing to pressure from some forces and agreeing for a bye pass. Even the new Udupi MP is acting in favour of the rich in this case by neglecting the interests of the poor and farmers, he alleged.

Even MP Moidinabba, President of the Padubidri Muslim Federation opposed the bye-pass proposal and said several families of minorities will have to be evacuated if the bye pass comes up. He also urged for the intervention of the Union Government in this issue.

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