Residents thwart SEZ pipeline works at Chelyaru

Posted on Jun 3rd, 2012 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : Residents of Madhyapadavu Vijayanagar in Chelyaru village, stayed the MSEZ pipeline works in the village alleging that the pipeline works had damaged the drinking water pipelines as well as roads in the vicinity.

They took up an adamant stand that they will not allow the work unless the pipeline was repaired. Even the local GP chief and Taluk Panchayat members took part in the protest.

The contractor who arrived at the spot, though tried to convince the agitators, was unsuccessful and had to finally take steps to repair the damaged pipeline overnight.

The villagers even made it a point that the damaged road too should be repaired and that they will not allow the works until then. Though the contractor tried to convince the villagers that the SEZ had provided Rs 80 lakhs to the PWD for favor finish of the road, the PWD officials have said the amount was not suffice and moreover the SEZ has not handed over the amount until now.

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