New bldg for Ladygoschen Hospital fails to come up

Posted on Jun 1st, 2012 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE: The Ladygoschen Hospital in Mangalore is presently facing an acute shortage of space in its labour wards, and is finding it extremely difficult to accommodate patients. The main reason for the shortage of space is the failure of the authorities to initiate the construction of the proposed five-storied building to house a 300 bed hospital with aid of a private foundation named RK Keerthi Foundation.

Raghava Naidu, an Andhra based entrepreneur who is the founder of this foundation in memory of his deceased daughter, has donated Rs 18 lakhs for the construction.

Though a portion of the old hospital building has been demolished to facilitate construction of a new building, so far there has been no progress in the works.
According to reports, the donor has visited the place at least thrice and has returned disappointed as the building works have not yet started.

Yogish Bhat, Deputy Speaker says there has been a delay in inviting tenders due to delay in demolition. He also promises that the works would be expedited once the tender process was complete. He however refutes reports that the donor has been disappointed and adds “the donor is still in touch with us and has been appraised of the matter.”

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