DC yields to SEZ pressure ; fails to keep up promises to affected people

Posted on May 25th, 2012 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : It has been reported that the Deputy Commissioner has once again permitted the SEZ authorities to dump mud on the Phalguni river banks after going back on his words to visit the spot following an assurance given by him to the residents of Atrebail and Melkoppala.

The DC who had heard the appeal made by the affected on May 23 had assured to visit the spot but had failed to do so. But, on May 24, Thursday, he had sent hundreds of police personnel to the river bank area and allowed the SEZ to go ahead with the works.

It is learnt, the police were also told to inform that it was the tahsildar who had sent them to the river banks. Even before locals could protest, police had arrested as many as 47 persons including women and some children too, though kids cannot be arrested as per rules. But, when the matter was informed to CWC chairperson Asha Nayak, the confused cops released everyone. They later informed that all the arrested were released after making them sign bond and that the children were not brought to the station forcibly but they were only along with their mothers.


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