Officials’ apathy towards unabated sand mining from Kumaradhara irks locals

Posted on May 24th, 2012 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : It has been reported that the authorities concerned have been apathetic towards the unabated sand mining from the Kumaradhara River in Puttur since the past three months. This in turn has given room for suspicion.

According to reports sand is being mined upto a distance of 10 kms from Kumaradhara river banks at Veeramangala, Savanoor and Charvaka. Over 15 boats too are being used for the purpose and daily hundreds of workers are seen engaged in sand mining here on a continuous basis.

Sources also reveal that hundreds of lorry loads of sand are transported from here to other parts of the state as well as other states. Locals reveal that the sand mafia which has secured temporary permission from the local gram panchayat was virtually looting the sand wealth by being hand in gloves with the officials.

It is also said that locals are prevented from visiting the sand mining area by the mafia goons. The fear of the goons too has made the locals hesitant to lodge police complaints. Sources reveal that each lorry load of sand is sold for as high as Rs 4000 while letting to wind the rule that sand should not be mined from the middle of the river.

The locals strongly feel that there was a need for the authorities to apply a brake to this illegal activity before it endangered the river bed.

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