Sullia’s waste dumping yard in miserable plight

Posted on May 24th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

SULLIA : The Sullia Town Panchayat has set up a waste dumping yard at Kalcharpe with a view to effectively manage wastes generated in the town. But, the failure of the Town Panchayat administration to maintain this dumping yard has left it in a sorry state. Complaints are also heard that the haphazard dumping of wastes in the area has contaminated waters of wells in the vicinity.

Residents of the town are also complaining that the panchayat administration was violating the court orders by not treating the collected wastes. It is said the wastes are rotting in the area since the past six months.

In fact waste disposal and management has been a major problem in the Sullia Town Panchayat limits since the past few years. Though earlier land was identified at Ajjavara, Aletti, Duggaladka and Ubaradka for a waste dumping yard, the proposals were abandoned following opposition from locals. Finally, villagers of Aletti were successful in getting land at Kalcharpe for a dumping ground, that too after the case was taken to the court.

However, the Court while giving its ruling had directed the Sullia Town Panchayat to ensure that the dumped wastes be disposed scientifically. But, locals argue that the court orders are not adhered to and the wastes are not treated even as more and more lorry loads of wastes are being dumped here.

Moreover, this dumping yard though has a compound wall, is devoid of an entrance door giving dogs an easy access to the yard. Villagers even complain that during rains wastes from this yard enter the Payaswini river, in turn polluting the river waters.

It is being said that the lakhs of rupees released by the government for solid waste treatment, has not been effectively utilized. Meanwhile, residents of Aletti and Peraje have even decided to stage a protest against the authorities concerned if the problem was not solved at the earliest.

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