Kattattila bridge facing collapse

Posted on May 23rd, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

VITTAL: A bridge at Kattattila near Salettur, a vital link road between Kerala and Karnataka, is on the verge of collapse bringing in the fears of its total collapse during the ensuing monsoons unless steps are initiated towards its repair at the earliest.

This bridge is a link from Salettur on the Karnataka- Kerala border to Kerala, Mudipu and Mangalore. Daily hundreds of vehicles use this bridge which was constructed around 40 years ago. Of the three supporting pillars of this bridge two have partially collapsed. Even the concrete beams beneath the bridge are clearly visible.
Fears are gaining grounds that the bridge if left unrepaired would cut off links with Kerala during monsoons. Locals have made an ardent appeal to the authorities to repair this bridge at the earliest.

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