DYFI warns stir against VC for writing to court about Vittal’s attendance shortage

Posted on May 18th, 2012 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : The District Committee of the DYFI has come down heavily on Mangalore University Vice Chancellor TC Shivashankeramurthi for writing to the court that Vittal who has been arrested on charges of Naxal links cannot appear for his annual exams due to attendance shortage, even before the court could ask for any information.

In a press communiqué, the DYFI said the VC has done so just to prevent Vittal from appearing for the exams. The DYFI cited the rule that the case of any student who suffered from attendance shortage due to unavoidable reasons like accident , ill-health etc could be considered a special case and he be permitted to write exams. Even Vittal has been arrested on charges of Naxal links for no fault of his by the police, the DYFI said adding as Vittal was arrested on March 3, he could not attend classes later on . The DFI also referred to a certificate given by Vittal’s department head Dr Wahida Sultan which mentioned that Vittal had more than 89 per cent attendance two months prior to his arrest .

The DYFI has said that it would complain to the governor against the Vice Chancellor and would also stage a protest against the VC in front of the varsity office, in association with likeminded organizations.

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