Varsity says Vittal cannot write his annual exam

Posted on May 16th, 2012 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : The Mangalore University Vice Chancellor TC Shivashankera Murthi in a letter to the Belthangady First Class Magistrate’s Court has said that Vittal Malekudiya, a journalism student who has been arrested on charges of Naxal Links cannot appear for the second semester exams beginning on May 21 as he is facing attendance shortage.

In the letter, the VC said the attendance of Vittal was below 75 and therefore he cannot appear for the exam. He also said that the university has to follow the rules. It may be recalled here that the court had permitted Vittal to appear for the internals on April 16. Interestingly, the University Vice Chancellor has himself written a letter to the court even before the court could issue any directive.

On the other hand, Dinesh Hegde Ulepadi, advocate for Vittal has said he would move the Belthangady Court as well as the High Court seeking permission for Vittal to write his annual semester exams and would also question the University decision.

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