Bangla sex workers in city

Posted on Apr 30th, 2012 and filed under Local News.

MANG ALORE : If recent reports had mentioned about the presence of Bangladeshi sex workers in Mysore, Bangalore and other places of the state, a follow-up of the same has led to a shocking revelation that Bangla sex workers were commonly seen even in three lodges in Mangalore and several more in Manipal.

A lodge at Hampankatta, another in Pandeshwar and the third one in Urvastores are notorious since long for the sex racket. Though repeated police raids had subsided the illegal activity for some time, the same has seen a spurt ever since the Mangalore Commissionerate came into being in 2010. Sources say the three lodges had Bangla sex workers who land in the city courtesy some brokers from Mumbai. That all the three lodges have been diligently remitting lakhs of rupees as mamool to the department, is said to be the reason for the silence maintained by top officials in the department including Commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh.

Apart from these city lodges, a notorious lodge close by Alevoor road in Manipal too has Bangla sex workers.

The police however make up their minds to raid the places only when their mamool is affected. Information received has revealed that of the several sex workers detained in Manipal, Udupi and Mangalore during the past few years, at least a few are from Bangladesh. As most of the young women trapped during raids are only ‘victims’ and not ‘criminals,’ the police instead of any higher investigation send them to rehabilitation centers. Later, they along with the pimps somehow get bailed out.

According to one estimate, at least 14 lakh women have infiltrated into India during the past ten years. Most of these come through steamers. There is a secret steamer facility for this very purpose in West Bengal. The distance between 24 Paragana district in West Bengal and Bangladesh is just a few kms and a fee of Rs 450 for the steamer travel can land any Bangladeshi in West Bengal (This was the truth revealed by a Bangladeshi sex worker to a reliable news source at Baliga Lodge in Manipal in 2009). From there these women are transported to Mumbai by pimps. Then, they make inroads into various cities.

Recently, Rona and Lata Alias Muktar were trapped during a raid on a house at Ramabai Nagar in Mysore South police station limits. Later, they were sent to Odanadi NGO. But, they went missing from there within two weeks and a missing case was also lodged. Information gathered now reveal that Rona and Dola (Latha was not present) were trapped even by Manipal police.

In June 2009, Pitti Nagesh gang had brutally assaulted Kadekar Ravi in front of a lodge at Manipal. A murder attempt case had then been registered. It has been learnt that two Bangladeshi girls name Rona and Dola and another Marathi girl name Pinki were in Kadekar Ravi’s car then. If the Bangladeshi girls had escaped, the Marathi girl was trapped inside the car. It is said the cops themselves chased the fleeing girls, trapped them near Palla and handed them over to a pimp.

In most of the cases, these Bangla girls are easily mistaken for Indian girls owing to their Indian looks. Moreover, they are careful enough not to reveal their identity . It is said most of the Bangla sex workers are those girls who were in Mumbai live bands and rendered jobless when live bands were closed down. Sources said the sex-workers are paid Rs 10,000 for eight days, Rs 20,000 for 18 days and Rs 30,000 for 28 days.

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