Waning opposition to SEZ waste disposal pipeline works at Mukka

Posted on Mar 21st, 2012 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE: A huge barge has been noticed in the seas across Mukka coast reportedly to undertake laying of the waste disposal pipeline for the SEZ. However, surprisingly, there seems to be not that interest in locals to protest against the project this time, when compared to last time.

In fact, when a huge barge was seen in the area last May, there was widespread opposition to the works. However, the barge had capsized during the works and later shifted to some other place.

Now, following the latest development, the New Mangalore Port Traditional Country Boat Fishermen’s Association has warned that it would not allow the works unless alternate job opportunities were provided to fishermen families who would be rendered jobless due to the perishing of the fish in the seas owing to the waste pipeline.

Even local corporator Revathi Putran has strongly opposed the pipeline project.

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