“Aboobakker’s brother responsible for hanging cattle heads on trees”

Posted on Mar 9th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

MANGALORE : The case of the hanging of cattle heads on trees in the land belonging to the brother of State Minorities Development Corporation Chairman NB Aboobakker at Angaragundi area, is taking interesting turns. In a latest development, an eyewitness to the case has now revealed to The Canara Times that “ It was Aboobakker’s brother himself who had seen to it that the cattle heads were hung on the coconut trees in his land at Angaragundi on March 5, Monday.”

In fact, though the cattle heads were on the trees even until the report appeared in Karavali Ale and The Canara Times, it was only later that a complaint was lodged by Umarabba, at the behest of his brother Aboobakker stating “ Some of his enemies were behind the act.”

A labourer who is residing in a rented house adjacent to Umarabba’s land, has informed The Canara Times that “ A neighbouring man Rahim who is in-charge of the maintenance of the land, had hung the cattle heads to the trees on Monday at the direction of Umarabba, using a ladder. The cattle heads were brought in a gunny bag and when enquired the reason, he had defended the act saying this would keep Saitan (evil spirit) at bay.”

It was only after the report appeared in Karavali Ale on March 7 that a police complaint was lodged and five persons, all of them innocents were booked.

Meanwhile, locals have also demanded a thorough probe into this case. On the other hand, even the accused who spoke to this correspondent, have said they were ready for any probe.

There is a strong suspicion that Aboobakker, also the president of the local masjid might have asked to slaughter the cattle for ‘Khatib.’ Though Islam does not give scope to slaughter calves, in this case, calves have been slaughtered probably in the house of some person related to the masjid on March 4, Sunday and then tied to the trees the next day.

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