Chaos prevails at Karkala?s new bus stand too

Posted on Feb 11th, 2012 and filed under General.

KARKALA : The new bus stand of Karkala at Bandimutt too has come under criticism for lack

of adequate facilities to the commuters, despite the fact that the bus stand was recently shifted to

Bandimutt from the old bus stand which was in utter chaos.

Citizens are complaining that the new bus stand was devoid of several basic amenities right from

a good lavatory. Though one lavatory has been provided, people are still confused if it was a

lavatory for men or women As only men are using it at present, women are seen hesitating to

enter the lavatory. It has also been complained that the shelter for the passengers was very small

forcing many of the passengers to stand out in the open.

Though the Bandimutt bus stand proposal has been lying in the cold storage since the past ten

days mainly owing to lack of consensus between the ruling and opposition members, the all of

as sudden shifting of the bus stand under the present rule has raised several doubts. Meanwhile,

there has also arisen a strong doubt if the land mafia was behind the shifting of the bus stand to

Bandimutt from the heart of the city

There has also come up a good suggestion to put even the old bus stand in the heart of the town

to good use. As the KSRTC buses as well as other far distance buses are presently seen parked

in a haphazard manner in various places of the town, they could be made to occupy the old bus

stand area. This would also put the old bus stand to use instead of keeping it vacant in a prime

land, feel many members of the general public.

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