Shifting of Karkala bus stand poses fresh problems

Posted on Feb 7th, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

KARKALA: The shifting of the Karaka bus stand to a new spacious premises at Bandimutt
recently is learnt to have posed fresh problems. It is said the location of the bus stand proved
inconvenient to the public as well as the commuters who had somehow got themselves adjusted
to the old and chaotic bus stand.

In fact, the TMC had taken a welcome decision to shift the bus stand to Bandimutt which has
a full-fledged bus stand as the old bus stand was in utter chaos. Still, the fact remains that
Bandimutt is nearly two kms away from the old bus stand. Moreover several schools, banks,
court, hospitals and other basic amenities are located close by the old bus stand itself. Presently,
with the buses halting at the bus stand at Bandimutt, people have to spend an additional Rs 5
for autorickshaw to reach the heart of the town. Students, office goers are the worst affected,
residents of Karkala complain.

There has also come up a suggestion that separate conveyance arrangement be made from
Bandimutt to the heart of the town in the interest of the general public. Even the bus crew are
facing their own problems as they hardly find any time to even have lunch as their scheduled
timings would have been crossed by the time the bus reaches Bandimutt.

The people of Karkala hope that the administration would take note of the problem faced by
them due to the location of the new bus stand and ensure steps to minimize the inconvenience
caused to them.


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