Uncleared garbage poses health risks in Kaniyoor

Posted on Jan 26th, 2012 and filed under General.

PUTTUR: The garbage bin in Kaniyoor town of Puttur has been overflowing with wastes since

the past six months ?thanks to the authorities who have not taken any pain to clear the garbage.

The entire area is stinking with the rotten wastes and animal carcass which are dumped in the

garbage bin. The villagers are particularly sore over the Kaniyoor Gram Panchayat which has

turned a blind eye to the overflowing garbage bin with wastes strewn all over. Villagers express

their anguish by stating that the Gram Panchayat was in slumber.

A few months ago when several people in Kaniyoor had contracted a mysterious fever, the

Kaniyoor GP had urged the Government to appoint a medical officer for the local primary health

centre, and had even threatened of a severe protest otherwise.

Villagers are now questioning if the Gram Panchayat through its apathy towards garbage

disposal was trying to gift diseases to the people.

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