This village has no proper road since decades

Posted on Jan 2nd, 2012 and filed under Special Report.

KUNDAPUR : A prominent road in Karkunje village in Byndoor constituency of Kundapur,

has remained unrepaired even after it has seen three legislators over the past two decades.

Though this road provides a vital link to several areas, it has remained in a bad state owing

to the apathy of the authorities as well as elected representatives. It is being said that not even

a single penny has been spent on the repair of this road ever since the BJP got elected from

Byndoor constituency.

When I M Jayaram Shetty was elected from the BJP for the first time from this constituency, he

had promised to asphalt this road. Even though he later on became the MP of Udupi, he easily

forgot the promise made to the people of this village.

Even Vinaykumar Sorake who represented Udupi as its MP had promised to repair this road but

of no avail. Though K Gopal Poojari, now the Udupi District Congress President, represented

this constituency thrice, even he followed his predecessors as far as this road is concerned.

Despite securing a hatrick win, he had never bothered to improve the basic amenities, villagers

complain. He however could not succeed the fourth time, when K Lakshminarayana of the BJP

got elected. Though this kindled some hopes, even his apathetic attitude frustrated the electorate.

Later on, Byndoor was brought under Shimoga parliamentary constituency represented by

former CM Yeddyurappa?s son Raghavendra who too has chosen to neglect this road. Today,

the people of this village are cursing their representatives and are even thinking in terms of

boycotting the next elections if the road was left unrepaired.

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