Medical negligence blamed for youth?s death in Kasargod hospital

Posted on Dec 23rd, 2011 and filed under Crime/Mishaps.

KASARGOD : Tension prevailed outside the General Hospital in the town on December

22, Thursday following the death of a youth in the hospital, reportedly soon after the doctors

gave him some injection. The youth was said to be having cardiac problems. Relatives of the

deceased have blamed medical negligence for the cause of the death. Meanwhile, the health

department has suspended a doctor and a nurse of the hospital following the incident.

Mohammad Sharief, a resident of Beejantadka near Badiadka who was suffering from a heart

ailment was receiving treatment from a private hospital in Mangalore and was supposed to

receive an injection once in three weeks. When the doctors in Mangalore told him that he could

get the injection even in Kasargod, he had come to the Kasargod General Hospital on December

22 to take the injection. Though the injection was unavailable, Sharief?s brother Subair got the

injection from Mangalore. The injection which was supposed to be given to the leg, was given

to the hand and Sharief who fell ill died very soon, reports said.

Meanwhile, the Health Department has taken up a probe into the case and has suspended a

doctor Susheel and nurse Ramya. It is learnt, the doctor was deputed on duty at the hospital just

three days ago.

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