“Sangh Parivar would have set ablaze state if sex pervert Mohan was a Muslim”

Posted on Nov 13th, 2009 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : ” The Sangh Parivar would have set ablaze the whole of Karnataka in case the sex pervert Mohan Kumar who killed 19 young men, was a Muslim. The Bhajrangdal including a seer who had staged a protest alleging that a young woman who was missing was a victim of Love Jihad had not bothered to issue at least a single statement after the arrest of the person accused of killing women. In toto, what is happening in Dakshina Kannada district is not Love Jihad, but the Loveless Jihad of the Sangh Parivar,” observed Pattabhirama Somayaji, noted thinker and lecturer in University College, Mangalore.
Addressing a social awareness meet on Love Jihad rumours, organised at the Zeenath Baksh Yateem Khana on Thursday under the auspices of the Muslim Central Committee, he said ” If communal forces in the coastal district were earlier targetting only Muslims, not they have been targetting even Christians. These forces have even tried to include some Christian organisations. There is a systematic conspiracy behind this. As per the Indian constitution, a person is free to embrace any religion of his choice.”
Tokha Ahmed Musliyar,Assistant Khazi of Mangalore, said ” Love Jihad was part of a conspiracy of the communal forces to target Muslims. Only heartless people can use such words. Jihad does not mean merely a fight for righteousness (Dharma Yudha), it is also a fight against the evils in ourselves. Even the ideologies of Hinduism are widely accepted. But we do not want it to become a Hindutva of communal forces. Let these communal forces first go through the Mahabharatha and understand the Bhagavadgita. Let them not try to sow the seeds of differences between Hindus and Muslims.”
KS Mohammad Masood, President of the Muslim Central Committee said ” Pramod Mutalik of Sri Rama Sene is now raising a Beti Bachao slogan. But let him tell whose Beti and who should rescue her?”

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