Justice Saldanha demands withdrawal of cases against Christians

Posted on Nov 10th, 2011 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE : Former High Court judge Justice MF Saldanha has demanded that the

government immediately withdrew the cases registered against innocent Christians in the

aftermath of the 2008 church attacks, on charges of resorting to violence.

Speaking to reporters in the city, Justice Saldanha said a total of 970 false cases have been filed

in the 2008 incident and that most of the victims were students and labourers.? We have already

prepared a comprehensive report on the incident and have distributed lakhs of copies of the

same, Justice Saldanha said. Even the US President Barrack Obama who has received a copy of

the report has reacted sharply, he said had demanded the the cases be immediately withdrawn.

When scribes wanted to know why the Mangalore church attacks were made international news,

Justice Saldana said ? What were destroyed in the raid were not just idols of clay, but it was an

attack on a belief. There was a need to expose this incident to the outside word.?

On the disparities in the process of delivering justice, Justice Saldanha said ?As per statistics,

in a haste to grant bail to the influential, bail is denied to 70 per cent of people everyday. The

scenario is such that the law has failed to punish the ?special category? people.?

PB D?Sa of PUCL said the report on the violence on the pretext of attack against conversions,

would shortly be available in Kannada.

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