Villagers set ultimatum for road repair

Posted on Aug 25th, 2011 and filed under General.

PADUBIDRI : Villagers of Kurkala in Padubidri picketed the local panchayat office to protest
against the panchayat inaction in repairing the roads of the village the condition of which has
turned from bad to worse.

The villagers pointed out that a road at Kurkalu provided the vital link to Udupi, Manipal and
also the local railway station and added it has been years since the road has been repaired
making it virtually unusable. The villagers have also set a 15 day deadline to the authorities and
have warned of severe protest if no step was taken to repair the road until then.

Representatives of various local organizations, local autorickshaw drivers and villagers
participated in the protest in large numbers.


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