Cleanliness lacking in Udupi Krishna Temple surroundings

Posted on Aug 23rd, 2011 and filed under Letters to Editor.

Thousands of devotees from far and near had thronged the Krishna Temple of Udupi to offer

prayers to Lord Krishna on the occasion of Janmashtami celebrations. The serpentine queue of

devotees waiting to catch of glimpse of Udupi Krishna, had crossed even the Rajangana. As the

devotees have to place their footwears in the counter meant for the same in front of the Temple,

they have to walk bare foot upto the Rajangana. But, the entire area lacked cleanliness and even

a foul smell was emanating from the place. The red stains of chewed and spit gutka on the

ground, made the area all the more dirty and the devotees standing in the queue were forced to

bear with all this. Moreover, there is no arrangement for the devotees to wash their feet before

entering the temple precincts.

Why can?t the mutt authorities introduce measures to maintain cleanliness in the temple

surroundings ?

M Krishnaprasad Bhat


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