SHRC ruling flouted in SI Shivaprakash case: social activist complains

Posted on Aug 13th, 2011 and filed under Local News.

MANGALORE: Social activist Kabeer has once again complained to the authorities concerned

questioning the posting of SI Shivaprakash in the district itself after he was proved guilty by the

Human Rights Commission in the case of atrocities on a boy in Ullal and ought to have been

transferred outside the district.

The SI had been accused of committing atrocities on a school boy named Shahul Ibrahim, in

March 2009, when the latter was riding his bicycle. The boy?s father had moved the SHRC,

which after hearing the case had ruled that the SI was guilty. It had even imposed a penalty of

Rs 25000 on him, and had also directed that he be transferred outside the district. But, the police

department which had neglected the ruling, had later transferred the SI to Bantwal and Barke for

some time and has presently posed him as SI in Konaje station.

Kabeer has now complained against this with the National Human Rights Commission, State

Human Rights Commission, Union Women and Child Welfare Department, State Home Minister

and Chief Secretary of the Home Department.

Prior to lodging the complaints, Kabeer had appealed to the SP and later to the Commissioner

and had subsequently even written to the DGP. But, the DGP in a letter to the home secretary,

had defended the department?s action.

Here, it is noteworthy that the CoD police who had investigated the case had filed a ?B? report

against the SI.

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