Water shortage hits Karkala

Posted on May 28th, 2011 and filed under General.

KARKALA : Several rural as well as urban areas in Karkala are hit by acute water

scarcity bringing untold hardships to the common man. People in rural areas are forced to

tread long distances to fetch water as wells have gone dry. The farming community too

is hit had by the water scarcity , which has affected the cops.

On the other hand water wars have become common in rural areas where the women folk

often get involved in verbal duels over water. In rural areas of Karkala, majority of the

people do not have tap water connections and depend on public taps. Long queues of pots

are seen near the public taps often leading to strifes.

Though government has sanctioned subsidy for digging water storage pits in order to

increase ground water level, this has not helped the people to the desired extent. On the

other hand, if several of these pits got closed naturally some others proved death traps to

poor animals..

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